Tile Installation

Tile Installation

Tile is a very popular flooring option. Tile flooring gained popularity for its variety of designs and durability. Tile has its fair share of reputation as a decorative item as well. It is very cost effective and easy to maintain. Recently tile is gaining more buzz as it is a very eco friendly option as well. There are tile made of various materials. All of them are water resistant. Tile are also humid resistant hence they are popular for the flooring of the warmer areas of the house.

Panjon Flooring has a great reputation for tile installation in New York. Our workers, or what we like to call “craftsmen”, are experts in laying out tiles beautifully and efficiently in your home.

Perks of Tile

Tile is popular for its feel and vast designs. Also, tile has many more bells and whistles.

1. Durability-

Most of the tile are built with durable materials. Tile are used for longevity. As they don’t break easy.

2. Low Maintenance-

Tile takes minimum effort to maintain as it is really durable and does not lose color, they are suitable for using anywhere.

3. Cost beneficiary-

Ceramic tile is one of the cheapest flooring options available. From installation to its life-span, tile flooring is worth every penny.

4. Resale Value-

Tile adds more value to your home. If you want to sell your house at any time, having tile floors will add more value to your house. 

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Types of Tile

There are many kinds of tile available in the market. Panjon Flooring installs every kind of tile there is. For your assistance, a variety of tiles are mentioned below-

1. Ceramic Tile-

Ceramic tiles are the widely used all over the world. These tile are easy to clean and durable. The ceramic tile is perfect for any room in the house including the bathroom and the kitchen. Ceramic tile are budget friendly and offer a lot of designs and colors.

2. Porcelain Tile-

Second most popular tile is made of porcelain. These tile are famous because of porcelain properties. Porcelain can emulate the textures of natural stones, bricks or wood easily. As like ceramic tile, porcelain tile also come in various designs and colors. Porcelain tiles are a great option for budget-conscious flooring.

3. Glass Tile-

A wonderful tile option is glass. Glass tile are popular for their minimal aesthetics. These are wonderfully easy to clean and maintain. But surely glass is glass and glasses break. Glass tile tend to break right off the edges. So it is recommended to not choose glass tile for high traffic areas like the bathroom or even the kitchen. They fit best for decorative purposes over table tops and beside fireplaces.

4. Cement Tile-

Cement tiles have been used in households for a long time. Cement tile are another novelty type of tile. The main purpose of which is decoration. Perks of using cement tile is that they can be refinished like wood and bring back their glaze. Cement tile are also for only low traffic areas like glass tile.

5. Marble Tile-

Since medieval times marble tile have been used in human architecture. Though it is pretty costly, marble tile add a touch of elegance instantly. Marble tile are usually used as countertops. Marble tile can also be used in decorative features like shower spots or columns.

6. Mosaic Tile-

Mosaic tile come in many shapes and sizes. They are usually used on walls. These tile are durable and easy to maintain.

7. Granite Tile-

Granite is often considered as the cheaper alternative to marble. Granite is often used on laundry room or bathroom table tops where you don’t need to break the bank.

8. Limestone Tile-

Limestone tile is yet another tile that gives a natural stone texture. Limestone tiles produce an ancient vibe from it. If you want an ancient, naturalistic kind of texture, use limestone tile. Limestone tile are also wall tile.

9. Travertine Tile-

Yet another naturalistic textured tile material is Travertine. This is a quite high maintaining tile like marble. It is also for low traffic areas. It needs refinishing every other decade.

10. Quarry Tile-

Quarry tile are made of mud just like bricks. But they tend to be stronger than bricks. These tiles are recommended for high traffic areas due to their high durability.

11. Metal Tile-

Metal tile are a popular option for countertops. Metal stands in the question of time. As natural stones tend to lose their shine, metal tile don’t do that.

12. Resin Tile-

Resin tile are popular for their customizable pattern option. They are really water resistant. Resin tile are perfect fit for watery areas such bathrooms or garages.

We at Panjon Flooring offer every kind of tile installation you could wish for. So, pick up the phone and give us a call to get your beautiful tile done by our expert craftsmen. We are the best you can find in the whole New York city.


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