Installing Floors in Dobbs Ferry, New York

Installing Floors in Dobbs Ferry, New York

Dobbs Ferry is founded more than 300 years ago. This Village is not defined simply by a single quality or feature. The generous open spaces, the Hudson River waterfront, a traditional downtown, tree-lined streets, and a hillside setting all play a part in defining Dobbs Ferry’s identity. So, it has so many attributes to define. This Village is a historic, riverfront Village.

We as Panjon Flooring understand that Dobbs Ferry has a unique location just twenty miles north of midtown Manhattan. This location provides excellent choices when it comes to any kind of product buying. We also understand customers’ need for quality works. 

So, here are our questions: are you constructing a new house? Or, are you redecorating the old one? Are you from Dobbs Ferry, New York? In any case, choosing the perfect flooring sometimes feels exhausting. We have got your back! Carpets, hardwoods, tile, or vinyl, all have different requirements and need for professionalism. There are a lot of options out there to choose from. We are here at your service!

You can choose any of them according to your taste. Only Panjon Flooring offers the best product at an affordable price point. We are just one phone call away, so do not hesitate to call us with any of your flooring needs. We are always glad to help.


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