Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate floors are pretty different from vinyl floors, yet they get mixed up so often. As a cost-effective flooring option, laminate flooring is really popular. Laminate flooring looks stunning in any setup. Currently, higher-end houses are also installing laminate floors for their lavish good looks.

Basically, laminate flooring is a hybrid flooring. It is a wooden base then print on top of that with an adhesive lamination to save the printing. Laminate floorings are popular for low moisture areas of the house like bedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways.

Panjon Flooring has 20+ years experience in installing various kinds of flooring. Our craftsmen can install laminate floors nicely and accordingly as you like.

Why to pick Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring turns heads for its beautiful designs. With looks comes other perks as well, let’s see what else it has to offer

1. Extremely durable flooring-

Laminate flooring is the one of the most durable options available out there. For their protective top lair they stand the test of time. Panjon Flooring offers the highest quality materials to cover your floors.

2. Easy to clean and maintain-

Laminate floors last really long. With that they are really easy to clean too. The top layer is what makes it easy to clean. With the anti-stain layer, stains are less likely to occur.

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3. Economical Option-

Laminate flooring replicates high end wooden floorings, but are really cost-effective. Laminate floors can last up to 25 years in some cases. This longevity makes it a wonderful economic flooring option.

4. Stain, stress and moisture resistance-

Laminating floors are truly the hassle free flooring. The lamination used on top of the wood makes it resistant to regular stain and scratches. Also it keeps the moistures away as well. Laminate flooring is both toddler and pet friendly.

5. Variety of styles-

Laminate flooring can replicate any kind of design you want. At Panjon Flooring we offer hundreds of styles of flooring. You will have a pretty hard time to pick a favorite between them. We offer the best quality of laminate flooring with the most beautiful designs available.

Difference between Vinyl and Laminate Flooring-

Laminate and vinyl floors usually get mixed up between them. But they are so different from each other. Vinyl floors only material is vinyl which is made of PVC. But Laminate floors have wooden bases. The attractive designs are printed over those bases. A layer of transparent lamination sets on them to save the print from threats like stain and scratches. Laminate flooring feels as a more realisting substitute to hardwood floors. They replicate more naturally than other flooring options.

In case you are looking for a new floor in your apartment or replacing an old one, consider laminate floors as a prime option. They can be classy and cheap all together. Call Panjon Flooring for the best quality laminate flooring. Pick your favorite designs from our vast library of designs. We are just a phone call away always.


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