Luxury Vinyl Installation (LVP LVT)

Vinyl Floor Installation

Vinyl flooring commonly gets mixed with laminate flooring. But they are different. Vinyl is a synthetic material. It is durable and affordable. Regular and luxury vinyl tile are gaining popularity for their versatility. Vinyl works really good in moist environments. Also they can replicate natural wood or stones perfectly. Which will give your floor a different look without costing much.

Vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride aka PVC. With PVC, various compounds are tailored together which gives vinyl flooring its naturalistic colors and textures.

We at Panjon Flooring offer vinyl installation for your floors. If you live in New York and need a new floor, we provide top quality vinyl tiles and installation by our pro craftsmen. offers the best waterproof vinyls in the NY area..

Perks of Vinyl Flooring

People are drifting towards vinyl flooring for their unique perks. Vinyl floors have something different than traditional floorings. Let’s check out what makes vinyls so popular-

1. Waterproof-

Vinyl floors are waterproof. They are best to use where water spills are a regular occurrence. Though vinyls are cheap rather than other water proof flooring options, they do a great job in waterproofing. Panjon Flooring offers the best waterproof vinyls in the NY area.

2. Easy to clean and maintain-

Vinyls are the best choice for the heavy traffic areas of your beloved home. The heavy traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom need more cleaning than other places. Vinyl floorings are a blessing in those rooms as they are tremendously easy to clean. You just need a simple broom to dust off your vinyl floors. Also if there is a lot of damage then a wet mop can clean vinyls without a sweat.

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3. Variety of designs-​

Panjon Flooring offer the most variety of vinyl design in the new york city. From marble to wood, ceramic artistic textures and designs we offer everything. Choose any from our hundreds of designs we offer from Panjon Flooring. We assure you you will have a hard time choosing from our beautiful and attractive designs.

4. Realistic Visuals-

You already know that installing vinyl floors does not empty your pockets, but they don’t look cheap by any means. Panjon Flooring offers the most visually realistic vinyls in the New York area. Our vinyls will replicate the type of floor that goes with the aesthetics of your interiors.

5. Maximum durability-

Vinyl is a heavy duty flooring material. They are built to be used to the max limit. Vinyls are really hard to scratch, indent or stain. We offer the best quality vinyls available in the market which is extra durable and could be installed anywhere in the house. Vinyls will stand in the course of time.

While vinyls are easy to DIY, it still takes some time and patience. Vinyl floors can be destroyed with amateur installation. Let the experts handle the job and you can spend your free time eating brunch. The expert craftsmen at Panjon Flooring will handle your floor like their own. You will surely be pleased with the final product.


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