Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Do your wooden floors look worn out? Did it lose its glaze? A new wooden floor can break your bank easily. So try refinishing your wooden floors. Refinishing floors are easier than rebuilding wooden floors. Usually hardwood floors need refinishing every 7 to 10 years. Refinishing floors consists of sanding the surface of the floor and applying some glossy materials to bring back the old shine back. It is a much simpler task than changing your whole floor. 

We at Panjon flooring also do any kind of refinishing of wooden floors as well. We are one of the best flooring services companies based in New York with more than 20 years of experience. We use the latest dustless, and least messy possible ways to refinish wooden floors.

Perks of Refinishing

  • You can ask yourself, does refinishing wooden floors work? If you ask us then the answer is yes. Refinishing a floor can bring back the “New wooden floor shine”. And top of that, refinishing is quicker, easier and takes less man hours. At Panjon Flooring we perform our crafts generously and try to bring back life to the old worn out wooden floor by refinishing it. 
  • Refinishing is always more cost effective than changing your whole floor. If you change your whole floor, then you have to pay for the new wood. Also, there’s the cost of ripping out the existing floor. You can always replace a bit of wood if need be, and after refinishing it will look brand new.

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  • Refinishing the hardwood floor takes less time. The dedicated workers of Panjon Flooring can perform refinishing in the lowest amount of time according to your room size and structure. We offer clean and dustless work. You don’t have to think about the mess as well. Our craftsmen perform their crafts with minimum mess and maximum efficiency.

Costing of hardwood floor refinishing depends on the size of the room or the floor. If your floor needs refinishing, call us to get the measurements of your floor and to get a quote. Panjon Flooring has many years of experience with refinishing wooden floors.


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